Sunday, 11 December 2011

Jacket update

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Leafy green jacket (well, beginnings of!)

I've started working on Evie's (=DollZone Kimi) jacket first of all because I have a clear idea of how I want it to look and then I'll be developing the rest of the outfit around that. Might be a bit of a backwards way of doing it, but in a way I quite enjoy the experimental aspect of doing it this way rather than just replicating a fixed design idea. 

The plan is to make a jacket with tails that has varied stripes of green to make it look quite leafy.

So, I'm using this pattern cutting book which I got ages ago and I converted all the sizing down to fit this MSD size dolly. Scaling down from size 12 measurements by dividing them all by a scale factor of 5 seems to have done the trick to fit her. 

I then cut a toile out of thin vilene and sewed in all the darts according to the pattern.

And these are some of the fabrics I'll be using, and here's a rough idea of what the leafy 'tails' will hopefully look like: 

Just testing out the fabrics here, will probably be using the top selection for the jacket. I think the pale green in the bottom pic is a bit too garish for that part of the outfit.

Well, I'd better get busy sewing! :D

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Welcome home DollZone Kimi!

Here is my new little beauty, my first proper BJD! She is a resin, MSD size dolly with double joints (which I'm liking a lot).

Before she even arrived I started making a wig for her, so that she wouldn't be completely naked for so long. It came out quite well, I followed the same method as detailed in my post from April this year, with a slight difference. On my Hujoo Berry's wig I was using Alpaca wool fibre for the hair, whereas this time I decided to try synthetic Kanekalon hair used by hairdressers for wigs and hair pieces.

As well as preparing the strips of hair by gluing the ends, this time I glued them onto strips of very thin vilene and I also sewed across them once dried for extra hold.

I then sewed these strips to the wig cap as below:


So as you can sort of see I started at the bottom on the back of the wig cap and worked my way up and around the head, sewing each of the strips of hair to the cap.

I did take quite a bit longer of course than gluing them, but with a much more secure hold, and it also looks better and more neat.

Kimi is deep in thought about what she is going to wear! 
 Over the next few weeks Kimi is going to be fitted for her new outfit, and since she says she likes enchanted forests and being in nature I'm going to make her a leafy-green wood-elfin outfit that she can feel cosy and at home in.

And I shall also introduce her to her new little cheeky goblin friend, as he knows his way around any magical forest!

Looking thoughtful by the seaside ^^

Say hello to my little friend!

It's been a long old while since I last posted anything, but you know how it is ;)
But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

In fact, I finally finished my little handmade ball jointed goblin. Take a look!

Unfortunately these were taken on my old camera so they're not the most brilliant photos, but I just wanted to get a couple of snaps up. And I was chuffed that I finally finished him!

On my Doll Making page you can see the beginnings of the process, which followed the Ryo Yoshida method, using LaDoll Premix. Once I'd done a lot of sanding I applied a waterproofing agent to seal the paper clay and then painted in acrylic on top. The body blushing was done using pastels and then all the pieces were sprayed using a Matt Varnish. Then all was strung together using elastic and Voila! - a cheeky, lil green gobbo is born.

Now all he needs is a sweet little outfit.

He is going to be a little friend for my new BJD - DollZone Kimi - who I got for my birthday last month, and who I'll be posting pictures of very soon!!