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Doll Boot Making Tutorial

Making footwear for your dolls can seem like a tricky task, but this fully detailed tutorial will show you how you can make your own adorable little boots for your favourite mini guys and girls!

Check out the video below to learn how!

*** If you like this video tutorial, it's now available as a printable PDF!***

My step-by-step Doll Boot-making Guideisnow available to download as an easily printable PDF for only £3.49! (That's less than $5 / €4!)

I've compiled the all info in my tutorial video into a handy, A4 sized, 
15-page guidebookthat you can print, and easily follow the process while making your own doll boots. 

All the pictures and explanations are included exactly like in the video, so you'll get all the right information, but in a practical, easy-to-follow format. 

ONLY £3.49! ☺

Click Buy Now to go you to the Paypal payment page

You will then be re-directed to the download page where you can save or directly print the full tutorial.

Any questions, please leave a comment …

Monster High Ghoulia - A Warrior Goddess Doll Custom (Part 3)

A slight change of plan... Ok I'll admit it - when it comes to ideas, I'm a bit of a magpie! This means that sometimes (often) when I'm in the middle of making something I change my whole angle...

What happened? Well, instead of Ghoulia becoming an interpretation of the goddess of war Adrestia, she's turned into something a bit different...

From this...

To this...

So what happened? 

If any of you have ever heard of Warhammer, you might know what I'm talking about when I say that Ghoulia turned into a Daemonette of Slaanesh.

And if you don't know Warhammer, you might think 'A who of whatnow?'

So, Chris and I have dabbled a bit in painting and occasionally playing with Warhammer miniature figure (I know, nerd-alert!). But they do some really cool fantasy creature designs and I suddenly thought, 'Wow, wouldn't one of these miniatures be cool as a bigger doll, in my own interpretation of their designs?' So that's what happened.

But what is a…

Monster High Ghoulia - A Warrior Goddess Doll Custom (Part 2)

Dolls In Armour - something we want to see more of? Well, my answer has to be YES! I would like to see more dolls in armour, simply because it’s just so cool. Like these dolls Mattel have released for the upcoming release of the Wonder Woman movie in June 2017.

Don’t get me wrong, I like pretty dolls, kawaii dolls, fashion and couture dolls, but it’s nice to see something that’s usually confined to the realms of action figures. I love women being represented as warriors, quite simply because it feels empowering. I think the armour can be functional and realistic or fantastical and sexy (or a mix of both, even) because ultimately, I think dolls represent aspects of our imaginations that we wish we could explore in real life. They don't have to always be 100% realistic. (And if you're me then the stranger, the better!)

Aaaand I think I’m getting a little too deep here...

Anyway, this is sort of the background motivation for wanting to make Ghoulia into a warrior goddess. So her…

Monster High Ghoulia - A Warrior Goddess Doll Custom (Part 1)

Have you ever worked with someone else on a creative project? What about on a doll custom? For me it's been a long time since I collaborated with anyone (about 10 years ago at Art School, come to think of it). And collaborating on a doll custom? Never.
But my hubby Chris and I have set ourselves a new creative challenge - working together on a doll project!

So what's the project? Well, he's been doing a lot of drawing recently. In some of his drawings, he was exploring how to represent female power and strength. In particular, he was interested in warrior women, and he came across Adrestia, the daughter of Ares - the god of war.

Adrestia (also known as Nemesis in the Roman pantheon) is 'she who cannot be escaped' - a goddess of just retribution and sublime balance between good and evil. And to restore balance she would go to war, accompanying her father Ares.

I liked the sound of this righteous warrior goddess.

So when Chris was telling me about her while he was s…

Nier: Automata - Dollfie Is Making A 9S Doll As Well!

A BJD of 9S! Dollfie have announced their release of a 9S BJD and I managed to find this picture of him!

Adorable right? He appears to be a little less tall than 2B, just like in the game which is great.

A release date hasn't been announced yet, and nor has the price point, but knowing Dollfie I wouldn't expect anything less than £1000. 

Which is a minus point for me personally, but understandable for a limited edition production. 

However I'm really, really looking forward to all the photos popping up over the internet of 2B and 9S together once they've both been released - I'm hoping there will be lots of adorable photostories. People of the internet: please make it happen! ☺

Another thing - this music video collaboration between Square Enix and Japanese rock band Amazarashi is where we caught our first glimpse of 2B as a Dollfie doll.

But this does come with a warning - if you think you'll be freaked out by watching dolls being crushed by heavy machinery (it does …

Nier: Automata - All the 2B Dolls and Figures I Can Find

Dear Square Enix - we want more Nier: Automata Dolls and Figures to collect. We NEED them! Please and thank you. My current gaming obsession, together with countless other millions of dedicated fans, is Nier: Automata. So who's with me on wishing they could afford to add the Black Box Edition's collector's figure of main character 2B to their roster of dolls and figures Just look how awesomely cool she is!

But at £226.96 (+ £31 p&p) that's not going to happen for me right now. If you can go get her, she's on eBay right now, but if I were you I'd be quick about it! :D
So while we're pining over 2B looking gorgeous, why don't we take a look at all the other official and fan-made Nier: Automata-inspired dolls and figures that are scooting around the web at the moment.
Plus, on my hunt for these I even found a juicy little teaser from Square Enix about a possible new 2B figure coming out, which I'll reveal at the bottom of this post - so keep scroll…