Other Artwork!

'Magsy'. Mixed media sculpture set (2009) This piece is in connections with a short comic strip story I created about a master criminal named Doctor Ereptor and his accomplice Magsy, a mischievous, thieving Magpie. 
(see below)

'Doctor Ereptor & Magsy in: Diamonds are a Bird's Best Friend'. Ink.(2009).This is the short comic strip I created for fun, which inspired the set above. (Click to enlarge!)
This piece is called 'The Princess and the Rat' (2009). I'm very influenced by fairytales, mythical lore and symbolism, and in this piece I wanted to create a story about a girl who dreams idly, while her fears eat away at her and slowly become her.

This one is 'Curioser and Curioser' (2009), influenced by Alice in Wonderland, and the face of the temptation of that enticing little bottle.

These pieces are digital painting and photomontage of Warhammer models painted by me and my hubby. They are just a fun way of giving the models a life inside a created world really :) 

This one is a 'Slaanesh' Rider. (2010)

A Banshee screeching away in some haunted, forgotten ruins (2010).

A 'Khorne' Warlord feeling that mighty volcanic explosion, and having a good old think about doing some killy deeds (2010)

Night time duel between Order and Chaos (2010)

The last stand of a dastardly, evil Vampire called Vlad (obviously :p) (2010)