Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Say hello to my little friend!

It's been a long old while since I last posted anything, but you know how it is ;)
But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

In fact, I finally finished my little handmade ball jointed goblin. Take a look!

Unfortunately these were taken on my old camera so they're not the most brilliant photos, but I just wanted to get a couple of snaps up. And I was chuffed that I finally finished him!

On my Doll Making page you can see the beginnings of the process, which followed the Ryo Yoshida method, using LaDoll Premix. Once I'd done a lot of sanding I applied a waterproofing agent to seal the paper clay and then painted in acrylic on top. The body blushing was done using pastels and then all the pieces were sprayed using a Matt Varnish. Then all was strung together using elastic and Voila! - a cheeky, lil green gobbo is born.

Now all he needs is a sweet little outfit.

He is going to be a little friend for my new BJD - DollZone Kimi - who I got for my birthday last month, and who I'll be posting pictures of very soon!!


  1. He is just splendid! I love him so much! Does he have a name?

    1. Hi there Minnie, thanks for your sweet comment!
      Yes, his name is Cheekyfeeff and he is a very mischievous little goblin who loves to steal shiny things!

    2. Oh my! What an absolutely wonderful name he has! Cheekyfeeff...I'm going to be saying that aloud all night now...Cheekyfeeff. :D It just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?!! :D

    3. Glad you like it! (I think he quite likes it too!! ;) ) xx