Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hujoo Berry gets Waisted!

Arr-harr-harr me hearties! Finally things are looking Steampunk Ahoy! With this cute little waistcoat the outfit is really starting to take shape, for what Steampunk inspired item would be worth it's mettle (or should that be metal?) without some good old Brass and Leather!

I managed to source some 3mm brass eyelets on the web at a site called Grin and Craft it ( and this seems to be the smallest size you can get. I didn't bother getting a hole punching tool as I heard this wouldn't go through leather, so instead I just cut the holes very carefully with small and very sharp embroidery scissors.

The waistcoat is a halter-neck type to get around the fact of Hujoo Berry's big head. She can't help it, apparently, it's down to a big brain... [or maybe she's just being big headed ;-) ]

I also made this gauntlet type thing for her arm to see what it would look like and it's come out quite well. The eyelets are laced with a thin ribbon at the moment, I had initially planned for leather cord, but this I think is better.

Here she is confidently striking a pose:
Aw, isn't she gorgeous?

Next up: Well, I really like the lace-up gauntlet so on the other arm she's going to get one on her upper and lower arm, with additional brassy embellishment and even some clock parts and cogs I bought from a really great little ebay shop, that sells them in job lots.


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