Saturday, 2 April 2011

Get Shirty!

Well it was high time that Hujoo Berry stopped feeling so chilly and exposed on top so she was going to need a nice frilly little chemise.

I started with this lovely oatmeal colour fabric to this pattern. But in actual fact I started a new cut with just the neckline altered, because with the square cutout there just wasn't enough fabric to do the sleeves properly, so I made them slightly broader with a scooped neckline. But I forgot to take a photo of that one... oops!

So this piccie just shows the shirt fabric pinned around her body. Although she's small she is quite shapely, with quite a slim back, so I had to compensate to make the front panel larger than the back.
And here she is, with side seams and darts at the front as well as 2 in the small of her back.
The next bit was to give it a bit of character with some frilly trims:

Although these were quite fiddly to sew on they were definitely worth it to give it a girly feel, as well as the Victoriana touch. The fastening however had to be Velcro as I couln't source buttons anywhere that were tiny enough. The Velcro I used was actually from an old Barbie Fashionista Doll, because these, as well as other modern dolls have a really fine Velcro, where the hook-ey strip is actually transparent and the loop-ey strip is like a soft fabric. I have a suspicion that the toy companies have these specially made for their clothes, because I can't find any info about it anywhere. But maybe it's so specialised it's not even called Velcro, who knows....

But in any case! With 'magic Velcro' in place here's the finished shirt, front and back, with wide sleeves as per Victorian fashion (just without the frills... for now!) :

Next up: I've been looking forward to this one, to finally give it all a Steampunky punch..... a leather waistcoat with brass eyelets !!

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