Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fox-girl work in progress part 3

My fox-girl is starting to come together! 

She looks a lot better now that she has her wig on and I'm feeling a lot more pleased with her overall. I couldn't help feeling that she looked a bit weird, in an awkward, not sure if I like it sort of way, but now that she has some hair I feel a lot happier with her. It still amazes me every time how much difference a hair-do can make to a doll and give it personality. :D 

So I guess the next part will be the final chapter (so far!) of her journey - she needs a proper outfit! She's currently borrowing Martha Jones from Doctor Who's biker jacket, but I want her to have a kind of futuristic uniform. 

Liv doll custom

Liv doll custom


  1. She is most beautiful just like you. What kind of clay did you make her from?.

    1. Thanks Shikira Clare!
      Sorry for the late response. I made her using Apoxie Sculpt, which is a fab 2-part air-drying epoxy clay. It's much harder and less brittle than products like milliput and doesn't really shrink either. You can sand it, saw it and drill it, I love using it. I usually buy it in the UK from
      They sell all sorts of useful doll supplies like hair and buttons.