Monday, 16 July 2012

Hey there Foxy Lady! - Custom Doll Mod

Yikes! It's been a long ol' while since I last posted, *but* I do have a pretty good excuse: I got married to my lovely Mr. Man of 11 years in May!! It was hectic, incredible fun and the absolute best time of my life!! =D

So since pockets are now a little less jangly with coinage, purchasing of BJDs is on hold for now... But that's ok because it gives me the perfect excuse to focus on other dolly projects including making custom modifications to fashion dolls and handmaking stuff, so without further ado, ta-dah-da-da-daaah: Here's my current work in progress, a Fox-face Liv Doll!

Ignore the weird pinky-grey colour, it won't stay that way once I've painted her, it just happens to be to only colour of Magic Sculp* I have at the moment. She needs more sanding and smoothing down before I can paint her.

(* Magic Sculp is a two-part air-drying epoxy putty specifically for modelling. It's not dissimilar to Milliput, but I actually prefer it for being more workable, a bit tougher when set, less chalky and less prone to cracks. I got mine at )

She is part of a range I have plans for as per my doodles below:

... a funny, adorable, rag-tag group of Space Adventurers of course! ;D 
Hence the foxy lady will be "Captain Stella Fox", the cat-girl engineer is "Tygra Tinks", the crow-man Navigation Officer is "Crogan Sora", the bear is Soldier "Grizz" and the monkey Pilot is "Marvin Gibbs". So far so good! More details on the story and more characters are in development. 

I made a kind of prototype a little while ago using a Bratz head, sanded and modified, and attached to a Liv body. I then added some ears cut off a Pokemon figure and painted her face to make a cute animal girl, like a little bear. So the principle kind of works I think... we'll see how it turns out!


See you soon!

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