Monday, 23 July 2012

Fox-Girl work in progress pics

Here are some work in progress shots of how my Fox-Girl Mod is progressing.
I'm using a Liv Doll as a base to work on top of with Magic Sculp epoxy putty. 

Having sanded her head thoroughly I've now sprayed her all over using Montana spray-paint in a creamy ivory colour as a base coat. I protected the eyes by carefully adhering some Blu-tac to them, making sure they were covered right into the corners, but allowing the paint as close a coverage to the edges of the eyes as possible.

The spray is not adhering as well as I'd hoped to the plastic of the body, which I'm not overly surprised about, but it has fixed well on the Magic Sculp and on the softer plastic of the head, feet and hands. Since most of her body will be covered up by the outfit I'm going to make for her I'm not overly concerned about the wear of the paint on her body and joints.

It took a few coats of spray to build up thin layers, rather than one thick, goopy one.

Once the paint was dry I carefully removed the Blu-tac from the eyes using an old, blunted scalpel blade to avoid scratching the surface of the eyes, yet still be able to get into the corners to remove all the Blu-tac that had been pushed in.

Next up will be the best bit: blushing, shading and painting the details of her face! :D

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