Sunday, 5 January 2014

Doll making - Work in Progress

Hi there!
Here's what I'm currently working on -  my first human ball-jointed doll!

Ok, it's a work in progress so I know the proportions look a little off at the moment, but hopefully that'll improve as I work on her... And I can say as a novice - it's tricky work and is requiring a lot of patience! But great fun and a good learning curve ;-)

The photo isn't brilliant as my camera has a somewhat over-powered flash, so unfortunately you can see every flaw... but I'm getting somewhere slowly but surely. 

As you can see I've yet to do the hands and I intend to make double-jointed knees and a torso-joint under the rib cage. I was considering a hip joint too, but I think with this being my first attempt at making a human figure I'll skip that this time. That, and I'm getting impatient! ;-) 

I also still need to do the ankle joints of course. 

I'm using Apoxie Sculpt clay which I love, as you can sand it, carve it, polish it, etc. and it goes to a good, hard finish with no shrinkage. It's not brittle either like some of the more ceramic-feeling epoxy clays. 

I think it's a US brand but being in the UK I get it from the lovely Elise at  - she also has a great range of nylon, Saran, & Kanekalon doll hair for re-roots and custom dolls.

My work has also been made a lot easier by my lovely new Dremel 3000, which was a Christmas pressie from my super helpful hubby :-) 
I absolutely love this tool, especially the mini extension tool, because it so light and perfect for little jobs where you need better control. I can see myself using the mini-attachment more than the actual tool it connects to, because if you have small hands like me, it gets really awkward trying to holding a big, heavy tool like a pen!

So that's all for now, I hope to have some more (and better!) pictures ready soon to show some progress with her. 

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