Monday, 26 March 2012

Doll Artistry Magazine

Great news! :D

I've recently been in contact with Doll Artistry Magazine - which is a new magazine for doll fans of all kinds! It covers artist dolls, BJDs, Reborns... all sorts really - yay!

The super-awesome part is: Issue #2 will feature my *new* Boot tutorial for BJDs, with lots of clear pictures and explanations!

The method shown is for MSD size (as modelled by the lovely DZ Kimi in my post of 7th March) and it can easily be adapted for other size dolls too.

Take a look here! :

 Enjoy! <3


  1. Hi, I just want to say I've really enjoyed your blog. I stumbled on it tonight, looking around for other doll artists, and have really enjoyed looking at everything you've posted. :)

    I particularly like the wigs, I've started making some myself from Tibetan Lamb skins. Your technique looks so interesting, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Tess,

    Thanks so much for your kind message, I'm delighted to hear you've enjoyed your visit!
    Tibetan Lamb skins for wigs sounds very interesting, if you have any links to your work feel free to post here - I'd love to see how they look! :D

    Kerstin xx

  3. I only have these on my blog so far:
    When my Iplehouse dolls arrive, I have some Lamb plates ready to make wigs. I'll take pictures of the process and post them on my blog for posterity.

    A really good tutorial can be found on Martha Boers blog, Antique Lilac: She is amazing!

    I make mine in a different way, so I'll definitely try and get it on record. :D I'm kind of excited to try wefting some left over mohair I have left and have a go with your method. I did something similar once before, years ago, on an old Obitsu 27cm doll, but your way looks a lot less messy! :)

  4. Wow, your wigs look lovely! So soft and flowy too, I can't wait to see your next projects :D Your clothes look really pretty too, do you make them all yourself?

    These are nice links, very inspiring - I shall definitely add them to follow! :)

  5. I keep posting things as I start them, it's sort of becoming a hobby in itself! Thanks for visiting my little blog <3