Thursday, 7 July 2011

Steampunked & Gorgeous - Hujoo Berry is complete!!

"krrrrsshh...Hello London?...Come in London...Hujoo Berry on a mission to save Big Ben from the dastardly Cog-Thief of Old Kentish Town... Over..krrrrsshh."

Top hat with its eyepiece and straps. On the ends are small magnet fastenings I got from a bead shop and sewed on the ends for easy fixing. They're quite strong so hold very well.

At the moment she still has a factory face-up, I only added a little extra colour to the lips. Not having done a face-up before I wanted to get some practise in first on other dolls.

My super-duper hubby made this awesome piece - "The Winston Biofragmentation Rifle" here showing the back. With adorable Biofrag refills (the green rods)

"The Winston Biofragmentation Rifle" from the front

This fine contraption is "Dr. Schicksal's Wrist-mounted Ruffian Repudiator", in other words it repels and erases any trouble-making hooligans and such the like ;). Shown here from front.

"Dr. Schicksal's Wrist-mounted Ruffian Repudiator" from the underside where you can see the magnet which attaches it to the wrist gauntlet she wears.
As seen in previous pictures this lovely little device is not merely a walkie-talkie - no sir! - it is in fact
 "The Parley Perambulator" (front)
"The Parley Perambulator" from the rear. Again a magnet here fixes it to another magnet on the leather gauntlet she wears, and also on her belt so she can even go hands-free whenever she's busy shooting ruffians and hoodlums.


  1. OK--the detail on this is absolutely amazing. I think you did a great job on this girl. She is FANTABULOUS. :)

  2. Wow, she is beautiful!

    I've never seen a steampunk doll before, then again I don't know much about BJDs, but either way I think this one is amazing!