Saturday, 26 February 2011

Welcome World!

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog page!

This is my very first post and is about my very first Ball-Jointed Doll in the picture below: 'Berry' from Korean doll-makers Hujoo (

I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her and when she arrived in the post I just couldn't wait to make her a cute outfit. And since I've been fascinated by Steampunk* ever since I first heard about it, I thought a lovely Victoriana & Steampunk inspired outfit would suit her perfectly. 

*And what is Steampunk I hear you ask - well, I'll borrow this definition from the UK Steampunk Network who are far more expert on these matters than I am:
"Steampunk is a cultural movement of people who wish to rediscover the adventure, mystery and imagination in the modern world.  We take our inspiration from the pre-industrial past, when craftsmanship mattered and before mass-production and vast meta-companies with billion-dollar profits became the norm"

It involves beautiful craftsmanship, inventiveness and an explorer's spirit, and in it's modern manifestation in fashions and accessories often includes lots of brass, leather, cogs, mechanical parts, intricate details, waistcoat, top hats, and Victorian-inspired styles. A google image search will explain the style much better than I can in words ;)

So, the first thing I did was to sketch out some design ideas
and I then settled on a ruffled skirt and shirt with leather waistcoat idea, with all the appropriate trimmings of brassy bits and clockwork cogs etc.

I was going to start with a cream coloured 2-tiered ruffled petticoat, so I cut out the skirt gores in tracing paper first and then made a very rough toile (test version of a garment) just to see if the dimensions would work at all.

I found that I only needed the top 6cm of the gores before the first ruffled tier would start. I sewed these pieces together and tacked the hem. Then for the first tier I cut to the same pattern as before but only 3cm wide and increasing the circumference by one and a third from the point it was to be sewed on. For the lower tier this would be to increase by one and a half times. With careful tacking and making sure the ruffles and seams lined up nicely, and also adding a nice little lace trim, the result was this:

Isn't she lovely! :D


  1. She's beautiful! How very Clever...I Love it! xxx

  2. Fascinating to read about Steampunk and its origins. Great stuff!