Monday, 14 March 2011

Ruffly Ruches!

The hemline of the stripey skirt is now finished and nice and straight, so the next bit is to pull up those lovely ruffles! I loosely tacked a line up from the hemline of the stripey skirt at each quarter of the circumference, so there'd be two a the front and two at the back. I made sure the the larger stitch was on the reverse so that you wouldn't see too much of the thread on the outside. 

At this point I also tacked a waistband on, folded over both the petticoat and the overskirt waist parts so that they'd be joined together securely while I was trying to get an even effect of the ruches. I'd already made an allowance for a velcro fastening at the back.

With a bit of fiddling, I managed to get all the folds in the right places, so then I added these sweet little brassy embellishments. They look a bit like flowers or rounded cogs, so I thought they'd fit quite well. And not only do they look pretty but they also help to keep the folds in place!

The next part was just to finish off the waistband and velcro fastening, and I've yet to add some buttons or something at the back to finish the skirt off nicely.

Here's Berry enjoying her new skirt (and her goldilocks hairdo)! 

Apparently she's getting little cold on top, so guess what's next .... That's right a gorgeous little chemise with a handsome little waistcoat! 

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